Maison Vivienne: Vuitton's classic trunk becomes a home decor item

Modern interpretations of the iconic Louis Vuitton trunk include a dollhouse (shown here), coffee table, vanity and more.
(Photo: Louis Vuitton)
In recent years, the doll's house has become an exclusive and fascinating piece of furniture. Especially if it is Vuitton branded and produced with all the skill of the great fashion brands.

It is probably the most successful accessory produced in the Vivienne Doll series. The Maison Vivienne, the most classic of dolls' houses, is the perfect link between the history of Louis Vuitton and this new world of luxury home decoration.

To the eye, it looks like nothing more than a trunk lined with classic canvas printed with Vuitton motifs. Handles in cow leather and the classic colours of the French maison.
But the trunk becomes a doll's house only when it opens. It's one of the toys that was typical in the 1950s and which, for some time now, have become a real furnishing object (cult object above all), appreciated by an elite of buyers with taste for style and exclusivity.

Tea box (Photo: Louis Vuitton)

The interior of Vivienne Doll's maison is a multitude of small essays in craftsmanship, rich in elements made of wood, glass, upholstery, leather prints and wallpapers. All in mignon format, just to make its execution even more complex.

A multitude of accessories that have a unique style and are perfect both to shine in their own light or to complement a bigger exclusive home decor frame.

The production of this home décor accessory required the French maison to involve and coordinate a myriad of different skills in order to achieve such a hight level of accuracy and quality. However, in a fast-growing market segment, it will be essential to be able to count on all these skills gathered within a single company, so as to rely on a single operating consultant, improve coordination and control production times.



The Malle Coiffeuse beauty trunk
Baule Malle Coiffeuse (Photo: Louis Vuitton)

However, Maison Vivienne is only one example, perhaps the most famous, segment that every year gives rise to a series of iconic and highly successful objects. They are trunks, toys and objects with a vintage soul that fashion houses take up and rework in their own style, creating new products and new market scenarios. Just think of what Dolce&Gabbana has done, concentrating heavily on the world of kitchens and kitchen accessories. But there are no limits, and there is no doubt that the next few years will see a great deal of creative ferment in this field.

How did we enter this segment? By creating an internal division entirely dedicated to the production of home decor accessories and capable of maintaining very high quality standards and a very wide range of materials which, in this kind of projects, become fundamental.


Maison Vivienne. Louis Vuitton iconic trunk
Louis Vuitton doll house (Photo: Louis Vuitton)

Home decor, miniature furnishing accessories and decoration items that require specific skills and the ability to work on a macro scale. This is a combination that gives space for creative possibilities, which fashion houses can count when bringing their ideas to life and when looking for new solutions for the production of exclusive accessories, luxury charms, luxury picnic bags and other hard-to-locate, but fascinating objects.

It's enough to say that the trend started by the Vivienne Doll has led to the creation of a table football - yes, a table football - entirely signed by Louis Vuitton, with canvas printed in the typical Vuitton style and exclusive details such as players in perfect maitre's livery and chrome polished brass finishes.


The Babyfoot Canvas foosball table (Photo: Louis Vuitton)


Bomboca Sofa by Fernando and Humberto Campana, Objets Nomades collection (Photo: Louis Vuitton)

And finally, the real furnishing accessories. From home decor to real furniture, but always with a designer label. Sofas, table accessories, tables and chairs that are designed to make home furnishings more exclusive than ever. Of course, for the production of each of these items, what counts first and foremost are the craftsmanship skills that go far beyond the classic skills required in the fashion industry. This is why we have created an ad hoc team, entirely dedicated to luxury home decor. A team that brings together carpenters, tailors and other professionals from the world of fashion, who specialise in working on luxury projects.

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