Production of handles for
high fashion bags

The production of handles for high-fashion handbags represents an industry in which skills, craftsmanship and knowledge of the materials used are more crucial than ever.

As we know, the fashion industry implies constant attention paid to trends, not only from the perspective of style, design and form, but also materials.

In this regard, F.D.F. has over the years refined knowledge and techniques for the fine-tuning of the use of materials, sometimes unusual, for the creation of handles for high-fashion bags that meet certain requirements. There are multiple and highly original models created for leather bags and more, capable of making them exclusive, precious and particularly elegant. It is because of the shape, but above all because of the material from which they are made that handles can contribute to the style, elegance and portability of a bag, whether it is large or small.

F.D.F. has developed sophisticated processing techniques that enable it to place itself in the market with a know-how that allows it to stand out in a rather broad panorama. Wood, brass, metal, and numerous galvanic finishes, as well as techniques such as enameling and varnishing, make the production of handles for high-fashion handbags a highly explored terrain in which the company asserts its lifelong awareness and mastery.

The techniques and principles adopted for this type of production are also applicable to another type of accessory, the umbrella handle.

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