Production of handcrafted chess sets

Wood, leather and metal chessboard

Inlaid maple wood and leather chessboard. With brass hinges and details. Handcrafted to design, for limited production.


The checkers

Made of Olive and Black Ebony wood selected through a long phase of analysis in order to find the pieces with the best grain, able to match perfectly. Classic Black and White Towers or Horses become small design objects (also in shape) and materials. A special touch for the Pawns that are thought of as a kind of medals, again in Olive and Black Ebony, which again lighten the chessboard and give an additional design touch to the whole.


Closure and hinges are made of brass finished with an Aged Palladium effect complete the checkerboard adding an element of further exclusivity and a new material that complements wood and leather.


Producing a chessboard like this is complex, and to do so first requires great craftsmanship skills. But not only that. The materials involved in the making process are different from each other and different is the way they have to be processed. Here, once the design is defined, the difference is made by the few companies that can make that design an object, done properly and perfect in every detail.

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