Enamelling of accessories with convex surfaces: a complex process carried out by a few companies

The great peculiarity of F.D.F. accessori consists not only in the professionalism with which it manages production and relations with high fashion brands, but also and above all in its ability to create objects of style and quality in the most difficult or particular processes. One of these is the enamelling of accessories with rounded surfaces: a technique that requires experience and manual skill.

glazing of accessories with curved surfaces FDF accessories
glazing of accessories with curved surfaces FDF accessories

F.D.F.'s craftsmen have already demonstrated great skill in creating even the smallest elements for accessories or by combining materials of different natures and consistencies. This is a sign of competence and professionalism in the enamelling of accessories with convex surfaces. The enamelling technique is commonplace for companies in the sector, but on flat or flattened materials. It is a speciality on round or curved materials. The difficulty lies not so much in the enamelling operations as in the final results: the enamel must be homogeneous, well levelled and glossy. This applies to both regular and irregular shapes.

Each step, before, during and after the application of the enamel layer must be carried out meticulously and with care so that the end result is a smooth surface and not rough or rippled.

Think, for example, of luxury charms and pendants, such as a small heart, perhaps set with precious stones: the rounded edge must reflect the preciousness of the object and must not have any imperfections. For this to happen, skilled and expert hands are needed to perfectly combine the beauty of the whole with the refinement of the detail. Only after this valuable result has been achieved will the object, with its shiny and smooth surface, undergo galvanic treatment.

glazing of accessories with curved surfaces FDF accessories
glazing of accessories with curved surfaces FDF accessories

F.D.F. is a guarantee of seriousness and professionalism for all those Haute Couture houses that are still looking for companies that are able to create elegant and sophisticated accessories, jewels of quality craftsmanship aimed solely at creating objects that will last unchanged over time and that are able to go beyond the fashion of the moment, carving out a prominent place in the history of the brands of excellence.

The enamelling of accessories with rounded surfaces is a technique that requires care and skill, because if it is not carried out in the best possible way, it risks making the work carried out to achieve the whole in vain. On a small surface such as the edge of a pendant, human error can always lie in wait. Before proceeding, therefore, the materials and design are studied, and the various steps to be taken are outlined in order to arrive at the final result, which concludes a process that cannot be dictated by improvisation and superficiality. The object, chosen and worn, thus represents the story of the person who created it and of the company that makes perfection and quality of work its driving force and its soul. The jewel created becomes the symbol of exquisite and refined refinement and elegance.

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