Vivienne Doll: a trend that is bound to become a cult

Louis Vuitton has launched the Vivienne Fine Jewellery Collection, featuring the house's lovable mascot. (Photo: Louis Vuitton)
A new segment in the world of luxury, born of Louis Vuitton's vision and excellent craftsmanship skills
The adorable Vivienne pendants come in two sizes - 35mm (GM) and 25mm (PM). (Photo: Louis Vuitton)

Her name is Vivienne (Vivienne Doll, to be exact) and she is a luxury doll by Louis Vuitton that has become a cult object in the fashion world. It doesn't really matter what it is or what its actual use is. It is exclusive, a bit naive and very versatile but, above all, it is an object that everyone wants to have, even though it was created for a rare few.

This trend, well thought out from the marketing point of view, stems from the typical savoir faire of the French maison, which has applied its craftsmanship to a new world, luxury home decoration, inaugurating a trend that is destined to last for a long time.

But what is it? It's a doll, of course, that has no use other than to contain within it an enormous potential for communication and social engagement, and to represent a true sample of craftsmanship.

First of all for the materials it is made of, each elaborated in exclusive and painstaking way, with maniacal attention to detail and finish. The main body is made of wood and accompanied by a variety of other materials that define its style. Precious plastics, fabrics, leather, padding, metal and charms. Each of these elements gives life to the model of the moment, like a true crafting challenge, an essay in skill that shows the versatility of artisans who work for the French brand and the accuracy in the workmanship of each element.

The success of the Vivienne Doll has been, and continues to be, planetary. It's also also due to its variants and the virality it has had on social networks. There are dozens of doll variants as well as dozens of accessory types. One of the most renowned is Maison Vivienne, a typical Vuitton trunk that also becomes Vivienne's home. Yet there are all the declinations of the doll itself that becomes, from time to time, a luxury charm, a keychain, an exclusive ornament, a trinket, in short, what the British would call it a luxury knick knack.

But why this exclusivity on such a non-functional object? It's the talent of the company's marketing team and the fact that it is very difficult to create a similar object in such scale. If coming up with the idea for Vivienne Doll and hypothesising its success undoubtedly requires a great intuition, executing the project, respecting all the trappings of a brand like Louis Vuitton's, is perhaps is biggest difficulty. Finding a group of skilled artisans capable of working with such a big range of different materials in such small sizes is truly a challenging task.

This is why we have set up a real division of artisans dedicated to the production of luxury knick-knacks. We combine the in-house skills of our team of craftsmen and make them available to high fashion brands . Our knowledge, the ability to work on different materials and to integrate them with each other makes us stand out. We are not a chain of different craftsmen, but a single division that follows all the stages in the production of such a complex object.

Limits? They probably don't exist. The designers' imagination is probably the only real limit. As for the rest, we have structured ourselves in such a way as to provide technical advice on each material, suggest possible modifications and engineer the objects forluxury home decor.

Click here for information on our charms and fashion knick knacks division.

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