Original leather and metal accessories for high fashion

The craftsmanship, expertise and experience of those who work in the design and production of original leather and metal accessories for haute couture can also and above all be seen in small objects, because it is by working on those that human ingenuity and manual dexterity must come into harmony and full cooperation. And sometimes it happens that small accessories arise from a sudden and specific request that tests the ability to seize the opportunity to create something new and original on the fly. FdF 's leather and metal chains were born precisely in this way.

These are original leather and metal accessories for haute couture that can be used for the shoulder strap of a handbag or to decorate and embellish certain garments. They have the particularity of having the links, all or in part, covered in leather. It seems like a simple, almost obvious object, but in reality there has been a detailed and well-considered study behind these sweaters. The idea came about when a major fashion house asked for them. FdF's creative team set to work. The first step was to identify the leather that could best be processed, applied to the metal and follow its shape and measurements. Then the next step was to decide on the type of processing that could make the two materials 'fuse' in a perfect symbiosis, almost as if they were the soul of each other.

It is manual work that has given life to these metal and leather chains, performed with the mastery of those who are used to creating precious and singular objects for high fashion and big brands and who succeed in infusing each article with a character of uniqueness, elegance and style. These chains, therefore, also become part, in their own right, of FdF's collections and of the history of those products born thanks to man's ingenuity and craftsmanship.

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